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Damaged or weak pelvic floor muscles can cause urinary incontinence. Emsella is a breakthrough treatment for incontinence and confidence! It provides a completely non-invasive option to treat incontinence and bladder issues. You will experience 11,000 kegels without any effort on your part, within 28 minutes. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, all you have to do is sit on the FDA approved chair.

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BTL EMSELLA® – Mechanism of action


BTL EMSELLA® featured on CBS The Doctors


BTL EMSELLA® – Genuine doctors testimonials – Joseph Berenholz, M.D.


FDA approves new treatment options for men, women with ‘Emsella’ medical chair


BTL EMSELLA™ – Genuine Patient Testimonials #1

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After having 3 kids I started noticing I would pee a little when I would go on my daily jogs. As I got older I had to stop jogging as much because my incontinence got worse. I tried pelvic floor physiotherapy with not much improvement. I decided to try the Emsella treatment I heard about from my girlfriend. After 2 treatments I noticed an improvement and after my 6 treatments my incontinence was considerably better to the point I could jog again with confidence! Dr. Goel and Michelle were awesome. They would check up on when I came in for my appointments and even in between appointments. I would definitely recommend Peak Human if anyone is experiencing incontinence issues! PS. they mentioned it could help with my sex life and they weren’t kidding 😉
Roxanne Bilodeau
Emsella was my last resort before getting surgery for my prolapse. That was 2 years ago. I get 2 sessions a year spread out to help with my prolapse and I haven’t had to go for surgery which is what I was trying to avoid. I am very happy with the treatment
Tess Harwood
I’ve had the issue of fecal incontinence which I felt very embarrassed about. The only person I mentioned it to was my doctor and they recommended I try the Emsella chair since it contracts and tightens muscles. Michelle and Farah were very informative about the chair and explained how to sit on the chair to get the most out of the treatment. I am so thankful for this chair, it literally improved my quality of life and self esteem. I know the chair is not marketed for fecal incontinence but it works!
I would wake up constantly in the middle of the night needing me pee. It would be 4 – 5 times a night. I heard about the emsella on the radio and called Peak Human to try it out. After just 1 session I noticed a difference. I did all 6 sessions and now I only wake up once if that to use the bathroom
Carmen Lewis

Frequently Asked Questions

01 How long is each session and how many sessions are required?

Each session is 28 minutes and it is recommended that you start with 6 sessions (scheduled 2 – 3 times a week) after which you can do maintenance sessions as needed.

02 Does Emsella work?

Studies have shown Emsella to improve stress urinary incontinence (SUI) by 95%. It uses a chair with a high-intensity electromagnetic field to resolve bladder leaks. Here are some testimonials from our atients who have done the Emsella treatment:


03 How fast will I see results?

Depending on the initial strength of your pelvic floor, results will vary from the first session to the third or fourth.

04 Does Emsella hurt / what does it feel like?

The Emsella chair does around 11,000 supermaximal contractions! That’s equivalent to 11,000 kegels! Most patients do feel a sensation, almost like a flutter. A technician will be present to slowly increase the intensity of the chair to your comfort.

05 Is this covered by Third Party Insurance?

Yes, this treatment can be covered by your insurance plan.

06 Are there any contraindications?

Yes, if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant then you must wait to use the Emsella chair. If you have had recent surgery which is still healing in the pelvic region you need to receive clearance from your doctor. Since the chair has a magnet inside you must disclose if you have any metal implants in your pelvic region.

Insurance coverage may be possible if you have third-party insurance.

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